Next Generation Glider – Mount Forest Lodge

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mount forest lodgeNext generation climbing frames have arrived including a revised swing beam design that means a new two child glider to fit them. This new swing beam was trialled previously on the Mount Forest Lodge and we have brought this classic back. It comes with a five-foot (1.5m) deck that is ultra spacious you get an angled rock wall and ladder so any budding climber can reach the summit.

Swing features include two belt swings and a trapeze bar, previous versions of the glider would not fit this climbing frame our Next Gen Glider will fit this frame! Happily two other climbing frames available from a third party used the same swing beam that can now have a glider attached.

Clarington resort

clarington-resortSimilar to the Mount Forrest this has the same swing beam design but includes a tube slide. With this set, you get similar features but no glider. This is a very popular feature and kids love it.

We have the new Next Gen Glider that will fit perfectly. This adds a lot to play equipment and then you can occupy more children on the play equipment. The next generation glider that is suitable for these frames below is very similar to the older design, it hard to improve on perfections ;).

Twin Mountain Lodge

next-gen-2-child-gliderIf you have one already have a Solowave Cedar Summit Twin Mountain Lodge Wooden Playcentre a Next Gen Glider will fit this set. If you have not and your still considering play equipment for your garden and you want a Glider I would like to present three options that area available to you right now as the best value for customers is to buy a climbing frame with 2-Child-Glider. Maine, Claydon and Windale all very different offerings.

These frames have all proved popular mainly due to the glider making it suitable for four children simultaneously. With the Windale, you even get a kids playhouse with seating area ideal for children and their parents.




 maine climbing frame Claydon-Climbing-Frame-(500 Windale

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