Nursery teacher caught with 19 children in her tiny Renault Clio car

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We all know how kids love to have a school trip, but on this occasion it was a little different as 19 of them were bundled into their teachers tiny renault clio, including 3 children on the front passenger seat, six children in the boot and another 10 on the back seat! They were being treated to a school trip out to the local burger bar when alarm was raised.

The nursery school teacher was stopped by the police after a tip off from a concerned shopper. The teacher confessed that it was actually her SECOND trip, as she’d already taken the first 12 children from the Burger Bar back to the school nursery. The images below were captured by a passer-by.

Kids squeezed in Renault Clio

Kids squeezed in Renault Clio

The photogpaher commented “they were excited at first but after a while they started to get more worried and cried”. We expect the parents will be exceedingly relieved to hear that according the the local Afrikaans language newspaper, Ms Minnie, the teacher said “this is the first time we went on an outing – and the last time”.

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