Olympian-worthy Climbing Frames

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We have a feeling that 2012 is going to be a rather spectacular year. Of course there are the obvious highlights like the Queen’s Diamond jubilee and the London Olympics, but there is also the launch of our fabulous 2012 Wooden Climbing Frame range.

Inspired by the Olympics coming to town we have created the superb Olympia series. This series combines the most popular climbing frame features from last year to give you a playset fit for an Olympian. There is the over sized wooden roof which gives a spacious feel and extra head room as well as the sizeable and sturdy engineered uprights which make up the framework of the swingset.

Olympia Series

The Olympia series boasts a fully wooden upper and lower deck. The lower deck also features a clever little feature in the form of a serving counter with 2 stools attached underneath. This provides the perfect place for weary legs or imaginative play. It can be a chic café or a bustling restaurant or even a busy boutique.

The great thing about the Olympia series is that there is plenty of choice. There is the straightforward swing beam with room for 2 belt swings and a 2 child glider and the brilliant monkey swing beam combo bar. The combo bar is great for those who do not have a huge amount of space, if children want to swing they can and if they want to monkey around they can. Simply unclip the swings and glider and away they go.

There is even a climbing frame in the series that includes both a swing beam and monkey bars for those who may have more space available. Another choice to be made is between the 8ft wave slide and 10ft open spiral slide. Both offer huge amounts of fun and excitement. The vinyl chalkboard and rock wall ladder comes as standard.

This series is beautifully crafted and will look great amongst the natural colours of the garden. The fully wooden roof, lower playhouse package, and choice of features makes it truly special.

The Olympia Series:

Chartwell Climbing Frame

Belton Climbing Frame

Hinton Climbing Frame

Osterly Climbing Frame

Stoneacre Climbing Frame

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