WHY Is Outdoor Play So Important?……

These days children are more and more focused on technology!
It’s no wonder parents are concerned with the number of hours kids spend on iPads, smartphones and play station/Xbox and the implications these hours have on their physical health. As a result more and more parents are looking for ways in which to get their kids moving and involved in physical activities like using Climbing Frames. Most children enjoy from an early age so it is a great activity for kids to start doing from an early age with great mental and physical benefits.

Here are some reasons why we think Outdoor Play Is So Important:

Focus & Concentration

Climbing and swinging requires a great deal of focus and concentration. Obtaining these skills from an early age really benefits children.

Problem Solving

Climbing a wall is just like solving a problem, and solving these particular problems require both mental and physical skills ans strength.

Hand-eye Coordination

Swinging from bar to bar on the Monkey bars requires hand-eye coordination, just like swinging on the swings. Working their little arms and legs together this will really help develop their skills.

Overcoming Fear

playing outdoors and on a Climbing Frame is the great way of over coming a fear. A Climbing Frame in your back garden means the children can play & learn right in their own garden. Take that challenge!

Enjoying Nature

Once children become experienced enough to climb outdoors, they gain even more benefit. Spending time outdoors is itself scientifically proven to reduce stress, and connecting physically with nature helps kids develop a healthy respect for it. Another great benefit is that children have the chance to develop other outdoor interests, and learn about the natural environment.

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