Outdoor Winter Games For The Family

Selwood staff member asks, who needs to stay in the warm during winter? Wrap up warm and have fun outdoors. Here are some great winter games for all of the family to make the most out of your outdoor play equipment.

Winter Games For the Family

Pin the Nose on the Snowman

Everyone can get together and make a Snowman. You will need to create three snow balls. One small, one medium and one large. Put these on top of each other with the bigger ball at the bottom and create a face on the snowman leaving the carrot nose off!

Then get your carrot and take it in turns to blind fold each other and ‘Pin the nose on the Snowman’

Whoever gets it in the right place or closest wins!

Footprint Tag

This game is played the same as ‘normal’ tag. However, the players can only step into the footprints others have made. If a player steps out of the footprints they are ‘it’.


This game is played the same as dodgeball but using lightly packed snowballs instead of ‘regular’ balls. (Please do remember to lightly pack your snowballs so they do not hurt when they hit)


Before going outside make a list of items you are likely to see outside and create a ‘tick box’. Items such as Nests, Birds, Puddles, Fungus, Moss etc are good options. Create these for each child on a price of paper and take these outside with you for a wonder round the garden or while you take the dog for a walk.

Get the children to tick off the items as they spot them.