Little Tikes Seek and Explorer Climber

James Nicholls Climbing Frames

A toddler climbing frame packed full of features the only things it’s missing are swings. It includes many aspects a climbing frame including a slide for zipping down, a ramp because rock walls are hard for two-year-olds to use and a tiny play deck. You also have a little tunnel to crawl through. Its small size makes it suitable for …

FSC Playhouse – 5×5 Playhouse for Kids

James Nicholls Playhouses

Description: Entry level wood playhouse that resembles a shed coming with bare wood so you will have to paint it, on the plus side this means you can choose the colour that fits your garden you can get ideas for playhouse design that will make it unique to you and your kids. The wood is untreated so we would advise …

Little Tikes Classic Castle Playhouse

James Nicholls Playhouses

A kids playhouse without a roof! But kids can climb a tower and go down the slide. So its swings and roundabouts. I don’t see this as a playhouse, a neat garden toy for toddlers. Playing in a castle is something kids will enjoy. How many stories take place in and around castles with heroes and villains, Kings and Queens …

Mercia FSC Playhouse with Tower – 7×5 Playhouse for Kids

James Nicholls Playhouses

Mercia amongst other things produce children’s wooden playhouses predominantly out of pine, this one is a playhouse tower on stilts. Many of our climbing frames have large cabins that are similar although lack the front deck. Our new range includes play decks of a good size so it depends on how you’re going to use the playhouse. A better solution if you’re not looking …

TP Forest Pirate Galleon Play Centre

James Nicholls Playhouses

TP’s Pirate Galleon includes a “performance guarantee”. Five years (vs 10-years from Selwood)with no more treatment, on the pressure treated pine and keep the guarantee against rot. Captains will enjoy the ships wheel and telescope, which will fuel their imaginations. Small children can use the gangplank to board with room for a few of them to play. This kids playhouse is an …

Shire Cubby Vs Savannah Playhouse

James Nicholls Playhouses

Description: The Cubby playhouse with veranda uses pine wood and also has a playhouse platform that means not trampling in mud while playing all day. It comes pre-treated, but retailers recommend immediate treatment after construction and again after three months. With three front facing windows, one in the door all a good size so getting light inside won’t be a problem, but any …

Mercia 7ft x 7ft Dorma Window Wooden Playhouse, with Veranda

James Nicholls Playhouses

Retailers Who Sell Mercia 7ft x 7ft Dorma Window Wooden Playhouse, with Veranda Seller Base Price Shipping Stain Total Price  Argos  £649.99  £0  £29.99  £679.98  Wayfair  £908.99  £0  £29.99  £938.98  Buttercup Farm  £686.90  £0  £29.99  £716.89  Tesco  £695  £3  £29.99  £727.99  Homebase  £799.99  £0  £29.99  £829.98  

Toy Kitchens

Christie Eaton-Evans Climbing Frames, Playhouses

Role or pretend play is important for child development. Nearly every Nursery, Pre-school and Reception class have some kind of ‘lets pretend’ area. Often this is some kind of kids playhouse. This could be a shop, a police station, a toy kitchen, vets – the list is endless. Role play is important for the development of social skills, physical development, language and …

Dip Treated Winchester Callaghan Playhouse

James Nicholls Playhouses

Another two storey wooden playhouse made from a pine wood and, at least, this has been dip treated. Okay, dip treatment needs explaining. Dip Treatment Dip treatment is when manufacturers submerge wood and leave it to dry. Meaning treatment is only superficial.  Using this process iss cheap and you can use products straight away.  Long term the wood will need …

Slide Combinations

Neil Everett Climbing Frames, News 0 Comments

Climbing Frames with slides are amazing for kids, they love the speed and excitement and combined with the rest of the features you get kids will be entertained for hours. Today we are focusing on the slides. Straight Slide This is made from a durable, UV protected HPDE material to ensure strength and safety whilst providing a speedy and exciting descent. They …