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Jungle gyms or wooden climbing frames, what do you call the play equipment in your garden? Made of wood or metal children climb is all day. We call these climbing frames at home in the UK however. That’s not the case world over Jungle gym, swing set and wooden play area is common names that we have come across in years …

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New Website Now Live!
Last week we launched the new design of our Selwood Ireland Website. This is the result of lots of hard work from our web and marketing teams and we are quite proud of our achievements.

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Resuming my theme on similar products, this time considering garden fencing and the benefits that they bring to a garden and what to consider when choosing and looking after a fence. For our equine clothing customers will be very different from what our climbing frame’s customers will require. Horses will likely not even consider three-foot fence an obstacle so aren’t …

Pre-owned climbing frames

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Everyone loves a bargain, and sites like Ebay and local Facebook selling sites are ever popular. Some things we all know to steer clear of secondhand baby car seats for example, or safety wear such as riding hats because we cannot guarantee they are safe. In these instances you would rather buy from a trusted manufacturer than take a risk …

Kids v Parents Our Climbing Frames Tick The boxes

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Climbing frames Kids v Parents what is important for these two very important stakeholders. They are children’s play equipment after all. However, it is something the parents pay for. At Climbing Frames UK we take all of these things into consideration, which is why our frames are so popular. The frames must be fun, strong, attractive and safe. Here are …

The Rising Cost Of The Summer Holidays

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We all know that having kids isn’t cheap! If its not “I’m hungry” then its “Can I have/I’m bored/I need/so and so has…”   Researchers have discovered that school age children now cost their parents on average £396 for every month of the year. Now, while us parents do not begrudge the time and money spent on our little darlings, we …