Amazing Playhouses – It’s Not Just Toys!

Yasmin Hempstead Playhouses

amazing PlayhouseSelwood’s amazing wooden playhouses for your gardens are not just toys, it’s somewhere children can go and just play in their own little world. It’s a peaceful environment that they can retreat to and let their imagination run wild.

Wooden playhouses look beautiful in your garden, especially when designed for children and crafted using our quality wood. We have fantastic knowledge and experience of design and construction of wooden garden toys and have applied this to make some amazing playhouses. With superb design features and subtle styling our playhouses are both fun and practical, and look great too.

But weather changes mean your kids can’t play outside, right? Wrong!
Our amazing playhouses provide a fun safe area where the children can go and amuse themselves which will allow you a few extra moments to yourself to get the jobs done inside without being distracted!

Selwood’s Amazing Playhouses

Sunny Cedar Playhouse

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The Sunny Cedar Playhouse is an amazing playhouse for giving hours of imaginative play. It has a cute design with scalloped roof line, sunburst end gables, and wide open side windows for taking the-the vistas of the garden. The front has a half door with country shape along with white-framed windows on either side. Children have attached seating outside the cute little serving hatch so they can have a rest at the end of play time and stay outside for a little longer.

Added detail includes the flower pot holders, these fit standard sized pots, so you can easily find some at your local garden centre that will fit.

Catalina Playhouse

Catalina Playhouse Catalina Playhouse

The Catalina Playhouse will provide your kids with space to create and imagine their own world. Whether it is a summer cottage or a lemonade stand to serve up cool drinks to their family and friends, the Catalina is a great place to let their imagination and creativity soar.

Again you have a seat, but this one can come away from the playhouse as it’s not attached so it can be used with any little table for children. With a full door and shutters on the windows, this is a lovely playhouse for kids that want somewhere to call home in the back garden. It also has a dormer window in the roof which has its own little sunburst effects.

Bayberry Playhouse

Bayberry Playhouse Bayberry Playhouse

The Bayberry wooden playhouse is manufactured from cedar wood and comes pre-stained as you see it in the image. The playhouse itself is an attractive redwood colour with a beautiful white picket fence and green features such as a playhouse door, windows with shutters. The fence gives the perfect spot to add a little front garden and compliment the flower box that’s under the front window.


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