Playhouses with Slides

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If your looking for a wooden playhouse or climbing frame with a slide then consider these sets…if not check out the full range here. Our manufacture also have a more complete range of garden equipment. Playhouses with slides uk are very popular and these options are the best available on the market presently.

Holt Climbing Frame

A playhouse with an upper and lower deck! This is excellent is you have a slightly smaller garden but want your child to have more than a ‘normal playhouse’.

This frame also has a rock wall ladder and a Trapeze bar swing.

Rendle Fort Climbing Frame

Wow, a full enclosed playhouse at the bottom and the top! This Playhouse/Climbing frame has everything you would normally expect with a playhouse but so much more! This ‘Playhouse’ even has a slide and two level.

It has a wood roof which looks super in your garden and comes with cafe stool which are great for having a rest after playing, for you children to do their homework on and chilling in the summer.

The main extra feature is the Slide! A 2.2m long straight wavy slide. These have extra high rails at the top of slide to help children get onto the slide and help prevent any falls. The bottom of the slide is flatter, to help children end with their feet (and not their bottoms!) on the ground. No more bumps and bruises and no more grass stains!

Carrick Fort Climbing Frame

This Playhouse/Climbing Frame is exactly the same as the Rendle fort (Above) other than the Curved slide.

Curved slides look great and have a slightly longer ride too! The curved slide is an ideal option for those with a shorter garden as the slide starts from the side of the frame and finishes at the front. Our slides have extra high side rails to help children get onto the slide.
This 90 degree curved slide is exclusive to our Selwood Products sets too.

The above Playhouses/ Climbing frames can also be bought with swings and monkey bars if you have the space

Here is a example:

Belton Climbing Frame

This frame is exactly the same as the ‘Rendle Fort Climbing frame’ but it has the Monkey bar swing beam attached. This combo comes with two belt swings, a trapeze and a glider. Meaning not only do you have a double deck playhouse with a slide but you also have monkey bars and swings attached too it – Great !

However, If you are just looking for a ‘simple’ playhouse with no slide or swings Climbing Frames UK also supply these:

Catalina Playhouse:

The Catalina Playhouse will provide your kids with space to create and imagine their own world. Whether it is a summer cottage or a lemonade stand to serve-up cool drinks to their family and friends, the Catalina is a great place to let their imagination and creativity soar.

This playhouse is fashionably detailed with a door, serving counter with awning, bench, shutters and a solid roof. The Catalina is as visually appealing as it is fun.

Cedar Mansion Playhouse:

The Cedar Mansion has a wonderful design both inside and out! The playhouse is all cedar wood with ship lap roof, white windows with trim, and cute front porch with dormer. The front door is inviting with its special wood detail and white window trim. For that extra special look there’s a railing around the front porch, the large windows have extra window sill trim and the white windows have mutton bars.

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