Children’s Play In The Dark Nights | Selwood

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The clocks have changed and the nights are cold and dark.

Once the children are home from school; it’s not enjoyable having to walk down to the local park where it is dark and gloomy.

Why not wrap them up warm and let them play safely in their own back garden!? I’m sure you will agree, we recommend outdoor play whatever the weather!? So playing outside doesn’t have to stop just because it’s cold. Grab your wellies, waterproofs, hat & gloves and have the best fun ever.

Our Climbing Frames

Selwood have Climbing frames to suit the needs of all garden sizes. Having a Climbing Frame in your garden guarantees children can play in a safe environment and stay outside for longer than ever before. The positives are unmatched from any tablet/games console, and enjoyment is guaranteed.

winter climbing frame

If you are worried that your Selwood Climbing Frame will need special treatment or that it needs to be stored indoors to prevent damage from wind, rain, snow and frosts, rest assured. There is no need to worry. Our climbing frames are made high quality cedar wood. The wood is naturally resistant to insects and pests. It also contains natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, which enhances its durability, however, as with any wooden garden product, whether it’s a shed, decking or garden furniture, we advise using sealant or stain as required to keep it looking fantastic! This doesn’t mean you have to do it every year, and you defiantly don’t have to take your set down, you just apply stain to the set with a paint brush, or sponge.

Here is a link to our own Selwood Stain:
Our climbing frames and outdoor play equipment are built to last and last – That’s why they come with a 10 year guarantee!

Benefits to outdoor play

At this time of year, most children will wake up and go to school while it’s still dark. So no outdoor play, then sitting in a classroom most of the day and staying indoors in the evening. The NHS recommend three hours a day of active, outdoor play. This is to strengthen bones and muscles. Now a days it is too easy to allow the kids to use the tablet or games console, so get them outdoors!

Another great reason to wrap them up and get them in the garden is to give you time to relax and prepare dinner. How often do the kids come in from school and moan ‘I’m hungry’ or ‘Can I have this’, ‘MUM!’. Well relax and get a lovely autumn/winter dinner cooked ready to warm the kids up.

A hot chocolate with mini marshmallows goes down well too!

& don’t forget, after school outdoor play will tire them out! So say hello to a good nights sleep 🙂