A Popular Climbing Frame Feature

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One of the most popular features on our climbing frames is the rock wall ladder. The combination of the professional style moulded rocks and the gaps between the slats means this can be used by both older children, who may feel more confident with climbing, and younger ones who aren’t quite ready for a complete rock wall. It also offers a far more exciting ascent up to the play deck than a standard ladder.

The professional style moulded rocks are made from plastic and shaped specifically with small hands in mind. Our climbing frames are all about creating adventure in your own back garden. Children should feel as if they are visiting an adventure playground every time they step into their garden. A huge variety of our climbing frames include either the rockwall ladder or the solid rockwall which features a slight wave for added excitement and adventure. We even have a specific rock wall filter on our climbing frames category page, so all those who know they want a rock wall can filter their search to include only those playsets which have one.

Although our rock walls are pretty cool we have spotted some other quirky climbing walls we thought you’d like to see.

This bizarre climbing wall is in The Illoiha Omotesando fitness center in Tokyo, Japan. Instead of climbing boring old rocks the designer, Nendo, has used wall hanging for people to grip and climb up.

Japanese climbing wall

This climbing wall is something all children would love in their home. Yesterday we featured the stairs and slide combo that London architect Alex Michaelis installed in his home. What we didn’t mention was the incredible climbing wall he also had installed.

Climbing wall

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