Most Popular Garden Play Equipment

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Nearly every parent (Or even grandparents and family members) have some sort of play equipment in their garden. Whether it be from bikes and scooters to Swings and Climbing Frames.
Here is the most popular garden play equipment designed by Selwood:

unnamed (2)Swings:

If you look into peoples gardens as you drive past, a lot of people have swings! This is one of the most popular play equipment found in gardens. Swings are great as they provide children with hours of fun and enjoyment and are available in a range of sizes so they’re suitable for smaller or older children. Swing sets often include a selection of swings including different swing seats and often a two child glider swing for one or two children and sometimes a rope ladder.


Some people also have a Sandpit in their garden. Children love to dig and build sandcastles in sandpits.
Sandpits are extremely popular, yet fairly inexpensive play item to have in your back garden.


Slides are great! So many people have a slide for their little one. Slides can come as a stand alone unit or part of a climbing frame or play feature. Slides come in so manny differnt colours and sizes so they are perfect for every age range

casita-arbolTree House:

Treehouses are bespoke and are built to fit within your garden and to suit your children. There is no limit as to what you can do with a Treehouse.


Trampolining gives holistic health benefits to the adult and the child bouncer alike. In comparison to jogging, for example, trampolining is more effective by producing more aerobic exercise faster – a ten minute session provides equivalent benefits to a half hour run.

In detail, the health benefits of trampolining include Cardiovascular Fitness, Stronger bones, Trim and Tone, Co-ordination and Motor Skills and Increased metabolism.

Tramoplining is not just great fun! It is also great fitness.

Brightside 1Climbing Frames:

Most of the above features are also included in one item – The Climbing Frame

So why not combine all these features and save yourself a lot of space and money?

Outdoor play is crucial to a child’s development. During their first two years, children love to move around. When a child is fully confident with moving, the next step is climbing. Our frames are designed for children aged three to 12 years, so naturally we have adapted our designs to suit young adventurers.

No matter what your child’s needs, skills, preferences or abilities (and your budget), Climbing Frames UK will be able to provide you with a frame which will tick all the boxes and look wonderful in your garden.

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