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Pre Order Climbing Frames

At Climbing Frames UK are offering a pre order on climbing frames this means you can pay a 10% deposit and secure the fantastic deal at a later date.

Pre-Orde Climbing Frames are a fantastic opportunity to lock in an amazing price when you see a product you love, but don’t want it immediately.

You only have to pay 10% of the entire purchase price now and the remaining 90% at the payment due date (stated on the product page). It’s great for those who are saving up for an item but don’t want to miss out on an unbeatable price.

Pre Order Climbing Frames Example

If the Climbing Frame cost £499 & Delivery was £29.99 this would be a total cost of £528.99


Meaning you would pay £52.90 now to secure the Climbing Frame at the sale price and you would pay the final 90% (£476.09) on the payment date due.

Please click HERE or on the link below for all Pre Order Products:

Belton-Climbing-Frame available pre order climbing frames offer

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