Pre-owned climbing frames

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Everyone loves a bargain, and sites like Ebay and local Facebook selling sites are ever popular. Some things we all know to steer clear of secondhand baby car seats for example, or safety wear such as riding hats because we cannot guarantee they are safe. In these instances you would rather buy from a trusted manufacturer than take a risk buying a used, and potentially unsafe, product which may not turn out to be any cheaper.

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What about climbing frames?

Would you buy second hand wooden climbing frames? It might seem like a great price, but be prepared to take the following into consideration:

  • The age of the frame – is it 5+ years old? Does it look to be the age that it is advertised? Older frames might not comply with safety standards or could have been modified.
  • The condition – Is it in good condition? Has it been well maintained? Has it been painted or treated at all? Has it been securely put together in the first place? If not then the frame may have had more movement than is advisable, thus causing cracks and weak spots. You MUST visit and view.
  • Does it come complete with all fixtures and fittings? – Often climbing frames have special bolts and fittings which are harder to find in local DIY stores, so may need to be re-ordered specially. Will the fixings break when taken apart? Are parts easily replaceable?
  • Is there an assembly manual easily accessible? Older frames might not have a manual online.
  • How much use has it had? Are you buying in assembled state or broken down? Are all parts present?
  • Does it have a warranty? Almost all warranties only cover the original purchaser.
  • Do you need to hire a vehicle for collection? How far will you have to travel? Remember to factor in fuel costs.
  • How much did they actually pay for the frame new?

Sometimes when you look at the hassle, the expense, and the risk involved with buying a second hand climbing frame, buying a brand new safe and warranted climbing frame is actually better value.

Here at Climbing Frames UK we stock top quality frames at fantastic prices. All of our frames come with a 10 year guarantee, are made from durable materials, are certified to EN71 and come delivered to your home from as little as £29.99.

Any breakages? No problem, we will send replacement parts out on a 48 hour service.

We provide excellent customer service either over the phone during office hours, or our online chat is available 24/7


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