Premium Climbing Frame Installation

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One of our customers recently installed their brand new Arden Climbing Frame in their garden, and we’re exceedingly pleased with the results, so sent us some pictures. This premium climbing frame, in a picturesque setting, is right at home and looks like it really belongs in the forest. With a deck space of 2.5m2 elevated above ground with rock walls reaching the 1.5m deck a challenge to any child and slides from these heights are appropriately named rocket slides (although you’re going down not up) you will be flying, but don’t worry it levels out at the bottom to slow down the child.

Fun Climbing Frame

Hours of fun with so many ways to keep kids entertained, the proud owner is able to sit in a dedicated seating area which can seat up to four people comfortably it has two seats with it so you can use them in the sunshine or use the shade provided by the large climbing frame.

Swings on this frame are adjusted one for a parent and one for a child, playing on the climbing frame together is always a great way of building up the rapport and memories with children. This feature is available on most climbing frames to some extent. Parents will love how much this frame will get used, the very smallest in the family might need a high back baby seat to use the swings, but this can easily be entertained.

Premium Climbing Frames

Climbing frames always have certain key features like rock walls and slides previously mentioned. The swings benefit from being high as this creates and greater sensation of freedom whilst using the belt swings that are used across the range.

Made from the same high-quality cedar wood, it has a redwood stain that extenuates the natural colouring’s making it a striking and consistent look. With higher decks comes three of them you have plenty of space for play creating many different options for kids imagination to run wild.

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