How to: Prepare for Halloween

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Halloween is coming fast!

Make sure you have everything prepared for it & know what you have to prepare. Here are a few ideas on Halloween fun & Food!

Pumpkin Carving:

Your pumpkin doesn’t always need to be scary! Why not carve something fun in your pumpkin? Disney, Animals, Funny faces or a big scary monster! You dont even need to cave in the Pumpkin. You could even draw, paint or stick onto it.

How do I carve a pumpkin?

*You will need two knifes (serrated & one smaller than the other) a large spoon and a metal skewer.

  • Use the large knife to cut a hole at the top of the pumpkin
  • Scoop out all of the flesh using the spoon
  • Draw your design onto the front of the pumpkin using the skewer
  • Carve the design using the small serrated knife
  • Remove the cut out pumpkin and neaten the edges
  • Light your pumpkin with a tea light.

Halloween Recipes:

Carrot Fingers:

  • Sliced carrot with cream cheese to attach a sliced almond for finger nails

Apple Bites:

  • Cut a quart of apple and cut out the middle to make an open mouth. You can then attach almonds to the mouth to create teeth.


  • Sliced apple, Dried apricot and raisins all on top of each other to create and eyeball effect.

Pizza Mummies:

  • Pizza snacks with olives for eyes.

Hot Dog Mummies:

  • Wrap bread sticks or pasty around sausages

Worms in a roll:

  • Slice hot dogs into long thin stripes and place in a burger roll.

Brain Cakes:

  • Pre bake or buy cupcakes. Add your own butter cream frosting with zig zags

Easy Costume Ideas:


  • Simply get a white sheet, put it over your childs head and cut out eye holes.


  • Use Toilet roll or first aid gauze to wrap around your body or face. Wear a while t-shirt and white leggings. You can then use white face paint on the face and add detail to the lips etc.


  • Use orange make-up on the whole face and add paint to the eye, nose and mouth to create the ‘holes’

Self Portrait

  • Carry an empty picture frame with you and hold it in front of your face


  • This all in one or two piece outfit can be bought ready made your you can make it yourself by drawing in white pen on a black outfit.

Trick or Treat!?

It’s easy to fill a bowl with sweets to give out for trick or treaters on Halloween, but if you have children you will know they are going to get plenty of that! Why not fill your trick or treat bowl with other items as well as sweets such as:

Toy Cars
Key rings
Mini Games
Game Cards
Plastic Animals

Hope you all have a vary fun, enjoyable and safe Halloween!

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