Our best price tube slide climbing frame – The Grandview!

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Not only does our  Grandview climbing frame comes packed with accessories, including our iconic, attention grabbing tube slide. It is currently our lowest priced climbing frame to come with all of these combined features! Of the selwood wooden garden swing sets available in the UK this is the best priced climbing frame with a tube slide.

There really is something for all children and therefore this climbing frame is perfect for big families with many children or even that one child with many friends!


The beautiful cedar wood playhouses, found under and upon the 4ft deck, make the perfect den, hiding place, castle or pirate ship! Why not create a sandpit, using ground sheeting and play sand.

The trapeze bar and rock wall are great for climbing enthusiasts, and provide a great form of exercise!  Two belt swings are also available and offer exceptional safety and comfort for your child as they swing.

The tube slide does not only look great, it is great fun that your children will love, and will even save space within your garden when compared to a straight slide.  It also its own crownest balcony measuring 5ft, 1ft higher than it main play deck.

All this is available within the 4.91 meter X 2.25 meter footprint!For more information on the impressive climbing frame please visit our website.



Don’t just take our word for it!

“They absolutely love it & so do their friends who come to play. We have had it a few months now & there hasn’t been many days they have not been on it”

– Heidi

“Beautiful quality frame. Looks smart, and fantastic build quality. My children absolutely adore it. ”

– Jodi

“Love this we have had it over a year now and the kids never get bored of it. It’s perfect for our small garden and we totally recommend it”

– Tina

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