Promoting a Healthy Body Image

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As climbing frame and outdoor toy retailers we try to promote a healthy and active lifestyle amongst children. Thinking along the same sort of lines the government have backed a guide to discussing body image with our children. The pack is aimed at parents of children aged 6-11.

 Spread Awareness

The government advise talking children through magazines and celebrity pictures and explaining those images are photo-shopped and unrealistic. Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone said the new pack – which has been devised by not-for-profit organization Media Smart – is an important contribution to the Government’s campaign to boost body confidence among children.

She claims it will empower parents to ‘have those difficult conversations’ with their youngsters:

“Young people are being set an impossible standard by images in media and advertising which can erode their self-esteem. As parents, we are often aware of these issues but may not have the advice and guidance we need to talk to our children,” she said.

But do you think focusing so much on addressing body image may have the adverse effect? Will placing significance on it cause children to actually give it more consideration? The great thing about keeping children active is that you are promoting a healthy body image without them actually being aware of it. Bouncing on their trampoline or racing around their climbing frame will keep them healthy and give them the exercise they need without an emphasis being placed on what they look like. Children are children for such a short space of time, focusing on image from such a young age may just force them to grow up even quicker.

What are you thoughts on the matter?

(Editor Thoughts)

Do you not think that these points need to be raised. Understanding in real terms what do different measurements mean from BMI to lbs and kilos. Losing weight healthy goals for people, when people say losing weight are they not talking about losing fat. How about different waist sizes, where this measurement is taken gives vastly different results around belly buttons will produce a much small number number than around someone’s hips. Is this about exposing sensationalised headlines that media for what they are by educating our youngsters. Let knowledge set them free education about the human body that we really do come in all shapes and sizes, not just what happens to be popular at the time of writing.

End people saying, “that’s normal” would be a good start!

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