Punish your children with a climbing frame

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We know that the kids love watching television and playing on the computer, Wii, PlayStation and Xbox. We’re parents too and we can categorically say that getting them outside for a bit of exercise can be excruciatingly painful at times.

But now, we have found the ultimate solution for all mums and dads! To be honest, we can’t believe we didn’t think of this before… Instead of persuading the kids to go outside and reap the benefits of playing in the garden, we’re just going to use the climbing frame as a punishment!

We’re sure they will rant at the rock wall and despise the slide and swinging will be absolutely loathsome! It will also give us parents the opportunity to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet without having to hear the squabbles over console controllers or the television remote. Bliss.

Another benefit of using this form of punishment comes when you’ve finally let them back through the back door. They’ll traipse in with tummies rumbling because they’ve used up so much energy outside. There will be no whinging about their evening meal – and let’s face it, that would be rather welcome (certainly at my dinner table!). Come bedtime, they’ll be feeling incredibly drowsy and will sleep through the night without a peep. The next day, they’ll feel brighter, bolder and more alert which is always a good mood to be sent to school in!

Come the evening when they get home from school and start squabbling over that TV remote again, repeat yesterday’s solution!

Our wooden swing sets are all designed for children aged three to twelve years. All of the Selwood climbing frames we stock come with a 10-year guarantee on the wood, which means that this form of punishment will last throughout childhood!

N.B: In the unlikely event that you have to find an alternative form of punishment because your child ends up enjoying playing outside, Climbing Frames UK cannot be held responsible.

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