Really Really Really Big Climbing Frames !

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At Climbing Frames UK we provide a range of frames suitable for all garden sizes and children aged 3-10 years old. In providing for all customers we also provide a range of REALLY big frames. By Big we mean they have a 6 or 7 foot deck height! We will show you some of these frames and their future in this blog.


Shawnee Premium Climbing Frame

A very popular design and layout, this premium climbing frame has a big selection of popular features including a lower level playhouse, with green mesh over the windows to make it light inside, but give a great cabin feel, a 6ft high fort tower, a sundeck that is accessed by a 6ft rock wall and a fun and fast rocket slide.

The slide has extra safe high rails to ensure children can access it safely and are well contained as they slide down. It’s also double skinned so it’ll last even when they insist on climbing up the slide rather than sliding down it!

The rock wall is solid and the climbing grips are professional style quality ceramic rocks. If the challenge of the rock wall is too much, then the kids can always opt to climb the flat step ladder to the rear of the play set.

The main tree house fort is covered by a fully wooden roof, features and attractive wooden sunburst with a green background to match the windows in the playhouse below and is 5ft square so offers a huge amount of internal space for children to sit and play.


Salina Premium Climbing Frame

A premium climbing frame made of cedar wood. This play set has a super high 7ft main deck accessed either by the challenging rock wall or the 6ft high sundeck. The sundeck is accessed up the flat step ladder to the rear of the play set, and your children will be able to find their way back to earth down either the straight rocket slide or enclosed turbo slide.

The 7ft high rock wall features a selection of multicoloured professional style ceramic climbing rocks in various shapes and styles to give a more challenging climb. The slides are both an attractive yellow colour and made of thick and durable plastic. The swing beam is higher for a better swing and features two belt swings and a trapeze.

The main tree house fort is an enclosed cabin style with green mesh over the windows to allow light in but to stop people looking in. The deck is 5ft square so there is plenty of room for playing or sitting and reading, plus the sundeck that is almost as large and also covered with a fully wooden roof.


The Darwin Climbing Frame

Featuring a huge 2.1m (7ft) high fort and over 25m/sq play area, with two 14ft slides, swings, gang plank and rock wall the Darwin climbing frame is a great specification. Made of Cedar Wood.

The main fort tower has a 1.8m (6ft) sundeck area, which is accessed by the gang plank and the rock wall, which ensures there’s access regardless of the child’s age of climbing ability. Younger children can use the gangplank with the safe and secure handrails, and foot grips to ensure each step is safe and solid. Alternatively, they can climb the challenging rock wall, with a selection of different shape and texture to make the climbing fun, and different colours to make them interesting or to add challenges, such as “climb up the rock wall without touching the yellow rock”.

Below the fort is a big wooden playhouse with a porch and lemonade stand. Children will spend hours playing in the playhouse and entertaining their friends whilst playing shops or having afternoon tea. There’s also a super swing beam, which is extra high, allowing for a super long swing enabling the children to go extra high.


The Ashdown Climbing Frame

Ashdown is a superior big play-set, designed to offer a challenge and satisfaction for older children that the smaller play sets simply cannot provide. Made with Cedar wood this set has the multiple deck heights, super high swing beam and challenging rock wall, this play set is guaranteed to last children years.

In the centre of the set is huge tree-house tower, with two 14ft rocket slides, and a 7ft climbing rock wall. Attached to the tower on one side is the swing beam, with extra high swings to provide a longer and more thrilling swing. On the other side is the Adventure Treehouse. Under the tower is a deck area, enclosed with waist-high fencing.

The Adventure Treehouse is 5ft high and includes a slightly lower sundeck with a flat step ladder, providing easy access the tree house towers for all. At the front of the Adventure, tree-house is a smaller slide and a gang plank. Attached to this play tower is a monkey bar, which will provide a challenge to even the toughest kids. Our smooth and strong hand grips will easily suffice them until their teenage years. Whilst the fireman’s pole is always a popular accessory.

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