Reclaim The Garden For Your Children

Children are becoming lazier, obese and more accustomed to growing indoors. The typical fears of the modern day parent, mainly due to the headline writers of the daily papers appear to drive many of the problems. It is however a genuine worry that our children do not get the opportunities to experience the outdoors like their parents and grandparents have done.

The Causes

It was a different time for the preceding generations though due to less traffic on the roads, less built up areas with larger grounds for playing on and perhaps more crucially there were fewer electrical gadgets, and no internet to provide an alternative to simply going outside and having to make their own entertainment. There is also the more unsettling worries about the safety of our children even on our own doorstep and that perhaps explains a parents reluctance to let children out to explore, or have more freedom that was given to us. Despite these concerns there has to be a way to counteract them and create a means of encouraging our children to get outdoors and experience some fun time out in the fresh air getting vital physical exercise.

Why Outdoor Play is Important

Getting children out in the real world is vital for their development, not only physically but for their personality and general intelligence. Kids, especially younger one, being outdoors can open up an entirely different world and helps to stimulate their minds into learning more about local nature, and how it works. Taking children outdoors for lessons are a popular education tool in nurseries and primary schools and it helps to foster children to be inquisitive and learn for themselves about boundaries, and what their own limitations are; none more so than learning that climbing a tree wrongly can have sore consequences!

Get Active Together

The biggest influence children have is parents themselves, it is up to all of us to help encourage our kids to be outdoors more and gain all the rewarding benefits of this. It can be difficult to motivate ourselves after a hard shift at work, but the little bit of extra effort will be rewarded when you see how happy they are playing away. This may mean a visit to a local park to let them run around and make friends or just simply going out into the garden and making full use of that area and any garden play equipment you may have. So go on and get the kids outdoors and you will not only help them develop but your bond will also.

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