The Rising Cost Of The Summer Holidays

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We all know that having kids isn’t cheap! If its not “I’m hungry” then its “Can I have/I’m bored/I need/so and so has…” 

Outdoot activity for Family Researchers have discovered that school age children now cost their parents on average £396 for every month of the year. Now, while us parents do not begrudge the time and money spent on our little darlings, we frequently feel that we are not getting value for money. The cost of endless days out to theme parks, soft play, zoos, sporting activities, cinema etc.. is eye watering. Not to mention the cost of fuel to get there. Even a simple picnic at the local park could set you back upwards of £20 – £30 by the time you’ve bought the picnic food, a couple of ice creams, not to mention a new football or frisbee. Gone are the days of a jam sandwich and being sent out to the park til teatime!

What if you could find an activity that meant you didn’t even have to leave your house, your children would get plenty of physical exercise, including the opportunity to improve their coordination, spacial awareness, and imagination, and would also make you the best parents ever (and possibly the envy of the neighborhood)

Low Cost Solution?

Here at Selwood we have got it covered! A beautifully made, strong climbing frame, complete with a raised play deck, slide, swings and monkey bars will keep even the busiest of children occupied all summer long. We have frames to cater all budgets and garden sizes, delivery is from as little as £29.99 and we currently have some great promotions on too.

Unlike most toys, a climbing frame is not going to be grown out of within six months. Our frames are suitable for children 3 – 10 years old, and need very little maintenance due to the nature of the superb quality Cedar wood.

Visit our website for all the best offers and promotions, and to find the climbing frame for you

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