Safety Standards – Climbing Frames UK

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Our outdoor toys are some of the best value and safest products on the market

Climbing frames outdoor toys are some of the best value and safest products on the market when compared to our competitors and other play set manufacturers because we know that in addition to having good play features for children and their families, customers also expect a wooden climbing frame or swing or playhouse to be robust, safe and ideally straightforward to construct. Safety standards on climbing frames UK are the EN71 European safety Certification for domestic purposes.

We want to supply our customers with the best quality and the best value so don’t select our climbing frames, swing sets and play centres from image galleries; our buyers travel the world and visit manufacturers and factories. When we see a factory, we meet the workforce and the management to ensure they meet our standards. We also we have our suppliers’ factories audited to check the organisation, facilities, operational procedures, labour force, working conditions, and production processes meet the required standards and regulations.

In addition to sourcing and manufacturing the best value garden play systems, we are also at the forefront of innovation for safety. Our designers and manufacturers strive to achieve the next step forward in design and construction that provides strength and rigidity whilst making the sets aesthetically pleasing and minimising the use of unnecessary materials.
All of our products are for private residential use, and as such designed to meet EN71 testing standards. A school, nursery, daycare or other commercial property will be likely to need a product which conforms to EN1176 testing standards, which is for commercial use.

Our product does not meet EN1176 (commercial) standards, and the organisation would likely be asked to remove the product if they had an Ofsted inspection. You may also find that their insurance company would not cover them if there was an accident as they are using residential products for commercial purposes.

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