Sand Play Area Below Upper Playdeck?

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We recently conducted a customer survey amongst 2000 of our past customers and gained some valuable information. One query that came up was related to our sand play area below a selection of our climbing frames. The great thing about our climbing frames is that they utilise the space to the maximum. A great example of this is the sand play area situated below the upper playdeck on some of our sets. Rather than leave this space empty we suggest making the most of it. Adding this play feature could mean more family members get to use the frame. Our swing sets are aimed at children aged 3-10 years but you may have toddlers who want to join in on the fun so adding a sandpit can help them do that.

How To Add A Sandpit To Your Frame?

To create the sand play area underneath one of our climbing frames simply add a plastic ground sheet and some sand. It really is that easy. We can understand why customers may have been confused so we have altered our descriptions accordingly in the hope this will avoid any future confusion. It is also important to note that our sandpits do not fit under the play deck.

sandpit below playdeck

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