Searching for a Climbing Frame for a younger child??

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Sometimes, it is difficult to find Climbing Frames which have all the functions of a Large Climbing Frame but accommodate the needs of a smaller child.

Climbing Frames have devised a way to help parents with the decision making process.


By taking a look at the Climbing Frames Tab on the Climbing Frames UK website and starting at Product 1, our frames are set out in size, age group and play features.  So the first item available for a younger child would be the Sunview Junior with a 3ft deck height, 2 belt swings, slide and fort, this is an ideal frame for those children slightly younger, but still encompasses all the basic play features of a much larger frame.  Comparing this to the Plum Steenbrook, the Sunview has miles more fun and play, it looks more pleasing on the eye, blends well into your garden and is at an amazing price!!!!

Moving on from this, the Andorra is a new frame for 2011 and is a huge seller.  Again, ideal for younger ones, but maintaining the play features for any growing child, the Andorra is an amazing little set.  With 2 belt swings, a combination rockwall/step ladder, UV resistant tarp, fort and slide.  The belt swings can of course be swapped with the baby seats available in the accessory page if you ned a seat suited to a younger child.  When you compare the Andorra to the Plum Kudo or Plum Impala Climbing Frame, the Andorra far surpasses in play value, quality and aesthetics.

Take a look online now for the complete range of frames available currently on pre-order and buy it now options.

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