Selwood Andorra Cubby House Climbing Frame

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Introducing the NEW 2011 Andorra cubby house climbing frame.  This wonderful climbing frame is compact with all the features needed for a comprehensive climbing frame and ideal for those customers with limited space in the garden.

This frame is pre-drilled and pre-treated and made from Cedar wood, a naturally resistant wood for rot and decay.  There is a water soluble red stain applied but it is recommended that it is re-stained yearly for protection.

The Andorra, with its many features includes, a stylish curved UV protctive tarp protecting the fort area, giving a play area of up to 1.37m for standing headroom.  Within the fort, there is a wipe clean chalkboard, which is ideal for those creative types.  beneath the fort, there is an area ideally suited for either a sand or ball pit area.  With a combination rockwall/step ladder allowing for the child to climb up and a 2.2m wavy slide for them to come down.  There is also a 2 position swing beam allowing for 2 belt swings which both come with soft grip rope for those delicate hands.

Available also with the Andorra Cubby House Climbing Frame is the glider package, where there is an option to not only receive the 2 belt swings as described, but also to receive a 2 child glider for that added fun, with the glider mountings for easy attachment to the swing beam.

Overall, the Andorra climbing frame is a perfcet entry point to the Wrold of Climbing Frames.

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