Selwood Expansion Cedar Garden Rooms

Selwood has developed a reputation for improving and enhancing the quality of wooden garden structures. Using advanced manufacturing and naturally cedar, we have specifically advanced the climbing frames market along way in 14 years. Work creating a new generation of easy to build climbing frames using panels has been a huge step forward. Now Selwood is creating Cedar Garden Rooms and structures. Meaning all the qualities of cedar and Selwood’s manufacturing brought into this exciting market.

Launched via and also it has already proven highly successful and across this region. In Europe Costco was the key retailer, feedback has been amazing. The most optimistic predictions have been exceeded so far this season. We are now looking to make further inroads in this market.

Selwood Garden Rooms

Selwood is now expanding with a range of garden rooms and structures with different sizes, designs and layouts becoming available. We are also looking at the European garden house and room markets which are growing in popularity. With this in mind, we are developing new prototypes. Further developing a reputation for being able to provide a wide range of garden structures.

In line with the company, philosophy emphasis is placed on products being easy to build, sturdiness, and remaining aesthetically pleasing. At the Selwood head office based in Suffolk UK, the prototypes are being designed built. With many new structures to assessing viability and nearly ready for buyers to see. For updates on this new market please contact Andy Beard on

We are confident that our customers will love these structures and will look forward to seeing them in gardens being enjoyed by families and friends. We’ve entertained a generation of children with climbing frames and playhouses. Now its Mum and Dads turn to enjoy the garden.