Selwood Oriana Pavillion Climber Climbing Frame

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The Orana Pavillion Climber is a great climbing frame cubby house designed by selwood.  With monkey bars allowing for those cheeky monkeys to swing their way towards the fort area, there is also a fantastic 4 child picnic seat and table set allowing for your children to be safely playing in the sun underneath the UV resistant tarp.  There is also a vinyl chalk wall for them to play on while seated at the picnic area.

With a deck which sits 4ft from the ground, you know your children are at a safe height to play, along with the high railed 2.2m slide as they come down.   The actual fort is covered by another UV resistant tarp which protects your child while playing.  To access the fort, there is a combination rockwall/step ladder, with 7 great rockwalls to use to climb to the fort deck.  Beneath the fort, within the structure of the fort is an area which is ideal for use as a sand pit area by adding a plastic membrane to the fort base or alternatively, this could be used as a ball pit area.

The Oriana is simply a wonderful climbing frame set for those with the space to use.

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  1. I’ve ordered and paid for an oriana frame for my grandchildren was supposed to hear within 48 hrs but haven’t ….. Is there a problem ?

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