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Here at Selwood products, we have a fantastic range of kids slides on offer that come with our play sets. We all know how beneficial outdoor play is for children and slides are the finishing touch to any outdoor play structure, helping to keep children entertained all day long.

Slides are perfect for making a quick descent from any elevated play system /climbing frame. They add a fun, safe and speedy element to all frames for your kids to enjoy.

Our slide range consists of the following, Straight slides, Tube slides and Curved slides. All slides vary in size and are designed to meet the deck heights for certain frames. They are all tested to EN71 Safety standards, which means they are only suitable for residential use only.

All slides are made from strong durable plastic, most coloured green as to deter insects in the summertime. They are all high-sided to prevent any accidental tumbles. This also ensures that your child will be well supported as they make their descent. Each slide has a raised lip at the bottom so the kids hit the ground with their feet landing on the floor.

Each slide is UV tested and has built in UV Inhibitors to protect it from the sun’s rays. This helps keep the product cool and not too hot to touch for when in use by the kids. We have also reinforced the rear of our slides to make them extra strong. This is crucial for when children run the wrong way up them!

kids straight slide

Straight Slides

We offer our customers a fantastic range of straight slides to accompany our play sets. Otherwise referred to as straight wavy slides as they contain a slight wave in the middle. These offer children a fast and exciting exit down from the climbing frame. All straight slides from 100cm to 150cm feature high rails to ensure the easiest and safest entry possible as well as having flat bottom bases to aid landing. These injection moulded HDPE slides are also reinforced to make sure they are extra hard wearing. All straight slides are made of durable, green plastic.


Kids curved slide

Curved Slides

The curved slide range consists of slides slightly longer than all straight slides. This is predominately down to the design of the curved slides with the fixed bend in place that curves round to the front of each play set. This feature not only gives children a slightly longer ride but adds great character to the overall appearance of the frame itself. The curved slides for the 1.2m (4ft) decks are 3.05m (10ft) in length, and those on the 1.5m (5ft) decks are 3.65m (12ft) in length.



kids tube slideTube Slides

Our fantastic Tube slide range is a proven hit with all children. They offer children a fully enclosed and exciting decent down from the frame and apply a superb cutting edge to the overall appearance of each set. The tube slides allow children to ride down from a decent of 3.65m (12ft) in total and take up the least amount of space when compared to all other slides we offer with our play sets. The slide turns in on itself rather than sticking out to the front or side of the play set. It spirals once in the middle and flattens at the bottom so children land on their feet and can soon be on their way up the play set ready to slide down again.

DIY Slides

Here at Selwood, we also offer our own individual slide range for those who choose to construct their own ‘DIY’ climbing frame or tree house. A varied selection of straight, curved, tube and wave slides are available at differing deck heights. These are predominately either 1.2 metre (4ft) or 1.5 metre (5ft) play deck heights.

To view the fantastic range of climbing frames and slides we have on offer at Selwood Products please follow the links below!

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  1. I have a loping garden, and would like a slide that fits on to a path at the top of the garden, and flows down the hill.

  2. Dear Team Selwood,
    We have a treehouse with a play deck at 210 cm. What length of curved or straight slide can you suggest? And can you supply it, if so what price, please?

    1. Hi Sandy, I’m afraid all of our slides are either for a 120 or 150cm play deck. Therefore, we do not have anything suitable, sorry about that. Many thanks.

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