Selwood Providence vs Plum Impala

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You are probably looking through many different websites and many different Climbing Frames and struggling to choice and stop the difference?

Here we are comparing the Selwood Providence Climbing Frame and the Plum Impala.

Here are the images:


Plum Impala

– Two Swings
– Yellow Slide
– Ladder
– Sandpit Area


Selwood Providence

– Two Swings
– Trapeze Bar
– Blue & Yellow Slide
– Sandpit Area
– Picnic Bench
– Ladder

These two frames look very similar however some of the features are very different. The Providence has the swing beam out to the right hand side of the fort whereas the Impala has the swing beam to the left. Theses both have two swings however, the providence also has a trapeze bar. The swings on both sets are very different! The Impala set has solid/hard plastic swings and the Providence has Plastic flexi Belt swings. This is for a safety reason. You can ready our blog on this here –

Both of these sets also has a Yellow wavy slide, they are basically the same slide and do the same thing but the Providence has blue sides – this doesn’t effect the working of the slide. Only the way it looks. The Impala has gaps either side of the top of the slide on the deck whereas the Providence has small gaps enclosed with wood.

Again, both sets have a sandpit area in the fort, below the deck. We think it would be a great Idea to fill this with Sand and use it as a sandpit.

The providence has a little something extra than the Impala, it has a picnic bench on the left hand side to the fort. This would be great for having sandwiches on outside in the summer, drawing pictures in the evenings and for your children to sit on and chat to their friends on.

We think both sets are great and will look fab in any garden.

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