Selwood Tatiana Wooden Swing sets

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Our Selwood Tatiana Wooden Swing sets has many features:

Age Range 3-12

  • Fully Enclosed Metal Corner Brackets
  • 2-Child See-Saw Swing
  • Rope Ladder
  • Rope Climber
  • 2 x Blow Moulded Swing Seats
  • Large 100mm lumber
  • Step-by-step instruction manual

The strong powder coated steel corner brackets fully enclose the swing beam caps the wooden swing sets legs in the 250mm tubes to ensure maximum safety and rigidity.  These are screwed in place to ensure the legs are retained and the bracket is rigid on the top swing beam.

Our swing hangers are manufactured from 3mm galvanised steel with a carabiner hook and nylon bearing.  The carabiner attachment ensures that it’s easy to interchange with our selection of swing accessories

This swing set will provide that vital release that your children need to expend all their energy as well as building their upper body strength & coordination as they climb up the rope ladder or rope climber.

Swinging and climbing will develop your child upper body strength in no time.

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