Show Your Frame Some Love!

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Take Climbing Frame maintenance seriously – show your frame some love!

We urge you, if you have a climbing frame in your garden, don’t neglect it, look after it, make sure that you get the full value out of it. Keep the grass around it low, regularly check it for any signs of serious wear or damage, and, most importantly, feed it with regular visits and use from children – be they yours, the neighbours or your grandkids.

We would recommend that you check your frames regularly and do the below;

  • Tighten bolts and screws
  • Test the main supporting beams and posts
  • Treat the wood with a Red Wood stain

A playset is a large wooden structure that requires maintenance. There are many customers whose playsets last for years as a result of simple steps taken to ensure the wood’s longevity. The wood on your playset comes with a thin coat of stain that provides uniform colouration. Stain does not protect wood, however. Most customers have the best results when they sand and stain their wood then seal it with an oil-based sealant. In order to maintain your warranty you must maintain the wood and inspect it monthly. Remember, stain is for colour and sealant is for protection. Your play set should be re-stained annually.
We used a water-based treatment when we made the products. You can use a water-based or oil-based stain at your discretion. However, once you switch to oil you will not be able to return to water-based from that point forward. Your local home improvement, hardware or DIY store will have plenty of options and suggestions for you.

We also give every Climbing Frame a 10 year wood warranty.

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