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Climbing Frames with slides are amazing for kids, they love the speed and excitement and combined with the rest of the features you get kids will be entertained for hours. Today we are focusing on the slides.

Straight Slidevauxhall-corsa-petrol-hatchback

This is made from a durable, UV protected HPDE material to ensure strength and safety whilst providing a speedy and exciting descent. They also come with an added wave gives thrilling descents from climbing frames!

It also comes in different lengths so they can fit our 1m, 1.2m and 1.5m deck heights.

Frames with these: Holt, Meadowside, Meadowvale, Brightside, Station, Windale, Oriana Prestige, Wake, Kinross, Rendle, Woodchester, Jute, Elan, Echo, Glee, Atlantic, Ridgeview, Bourne, Zest, Perth, Osborn, Duke, Peak, Jazz, Aero, Rede, Nova.

Speedy Slide

Skyfort-(2)Our Speedy Slide is unique to us in UK, designed to provide you with a safe and secure piece of play equipment, manufactured to be mounted to a 1.5m (5ft) high play deck.

It has raised sides, prominent at the top to ensure children can get onto it easily and safely and that they are retained as they enjoy the ride. This is double strength and features a wave in the middle to give some additional excitement, and the bottom of the slide flattens to enable a slower exit to ensure children can place their feet down safely.

Frames with speedy: Arlington, Stonefield, Skyfort.

Curved Slidebendy-slide

The curved, wavy slide is built for heaps of fun. It begins at the side of the frame and twists round to drop mini sliders off at the front. It features a cool little wave in the middle to give the ride added excitement, as well as high raised sides and a flattened bottom to keep children safe by enabling the safe and easy exit of the slide on their feet.

We have two options available, one for 1.2m and the other for a 1.5m. Again available on our accessories page.

Frames with a curved: Ickworth, Audley Deluxe.

Tube Slidecurved-slide

If you have a climbing frame and need a slide, or require a replacement or upgrade for an old tree house with a 1.5m (5ft) raised deck, then this tube is a fantastic option, especially if you have limited space as the tight curve means it takes up minimal room in your garden, perfect if you have a smaller garden but still want your kids to be able to enjoy a slide.

Click Here to read our build blog to see and read about building one of these.

Frames with a tube: Grandview, Epic, Peak, Toro, Rede, Nova, Althorp, Goldenridge, Althorp Deluxe, Abbey, Skyline.

Multiple SlidesDuke

Some of our frames come with two straight or one straight and one tube. Those frames are: the Duke, Peak, Jazz, Rede, Nova, Skyline.

If you would like to purchase one of these separately you can order one online from our accessories page

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