Slide views – Which is best?

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We recently received an email from one of our customers who was trying to decide on which climbing frame to get her children. Mrs Bassett explained she has 2 children who were keen to help her out on the decision making. The thing that seemed to be the deciding factor (for the little ones at least) was the slide. A perplexed Mrs Bassett emailed us asking which slide would be most suitable. For any customers who may have the same questions here is her email:

‘Hi there, I am looking to buy a climbing frame for my 2 children- they are 5 and 8. We were hoping you could help us with which frame would be most suitable? My little girl (5) loves the look of the sets with the twirly tube sort of slides but my little boy likes the one that curls round from the side. Could you help us with the difference between the slides? Which is the safest, fastest etc? Thank you’

We passed the email to the Development team at Selwood Products who manufacture the climbing frames and got some info for Mrs Bassett and any other customers who may have similar questions. They have done a fantastic slide comparison over on their website for anyone stuck on which slide is most suitable for them. We strongly suggest anyone considering buying a Selwood climbing frame take a quick peak at it as it’s full of important info.

Click here to read the blog.

We have our expert advisors here to answer any questions you may have so don’t hesitate to email, phone or Live chat us if you would like some more information.

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