Slides, The Climbing Frame Essential.

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The slides on our climbing frames are usually a deciding factor for our customers. All our frames feature either a straight wavy slide, a curved wavy slide or a super fun tubular slide. The wavy slides feature high rails and a flattened out bottom to keep little ones safe from start to finish and to prevent them landing bum first in the mud. They also have a small bump in the middle for extra fun.

The tubular slides featured on some of our bigger climbing frames are fully enclosed and despite being 12ft long they take up minimal space. They are hugely exciting for children and have a real adventure playground look to them.

In their honour we decided to investigate some of the world’s biggest and coolest slides. These of course can’t be attached to our climbing frames but still look fun none the less.

This is the world’s biggest water slide aptly named Insano in Brazil. The slide is 41m high and those crazy enough to take it on can travel at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour.

This slide is inside Singapore’s Changi Airport. It measures over 12m and is Singapore’s tallest slide. For every $22 spent in the airport a weary traveller gets a token for two rides on the slide. For those less daring they can take a ride on the smaller slide next to it. This would certainly make airport delays more interesting.

Singapore airport

And of course everyone wants a slide in their house. Why waste time taking the stairs? This particular slide was designed by London Architect Alex Michaelis who was asked to do so by his children. We want one.

Slide staircase

How cool do these slides look? Would you be daring enough to attempt the Insano?

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