Small Climbing Frames & Garden Party Ideas

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If you have a small garden and wondering what to do for a child’s party then look at our range of smaller climbing frames, with many great features you expect on a Selwood Climbing Frame, the party boy/girl and their friends will have plenty to play with for party day and well beyond. Including swings, a trapeze swing, rock wall ladder and a slide as standard, we have a great range of play equipment that is ideal for smaller gardens.

Selwood Climbing Frame Features and Accessories

Selwood Climbing Frames Accessories
Some of the key features of our Selwood Climbing Frames are shown above, including the monkey bars which have hooks ready for swings, the wooden playhouse with serving counter and two stools, and the Selwood Products straight slide. Additional pictures include the cabin wall and the flower box accessory that is included with the wooden playhouse. These features are available at a discount if you buy a full package when you purchase a climbing frame, or can be added to your playset at a later date if required.

Climbing Frame Party Game Ideas

Many children have short attention spans, and although the climbing frames many great features will keep even the most active child amused for hours, some kids will expect some games during your party. So, if you’d like to add some spice to the party then there are many outdoor climbing frame games we recommend:

Balloon bash– Blow up balloons for your party guests, the idea is that the one left at the end of the balloon fight with their balloon still in one piece is the winner. This is great fun to play outside on the climbing frame, up and down the slide and to even fill the balloons with water. Check that no one’s clothes are going to get spoilt, or advice to wear outdoor clothes when inviting guests.

Simon Says – Mum or help says “Simon says” go down the slide, swing on the swing, hang on the trapeze, up the ladder, hop on one foot etc, the list is endless. You can play this game so many different ways eliminate anyone who is slow to react, so you end up with one winner. Stay on the theme e.g. making the sound of animals, doing the actions of animals e.g. elephant, rabbits, birds etc.

Musical Statues – All the players have to run around and use the climbing frame while the music is playing, as soon as the music stops the children have to stand as still as a statue for as long as the music is not playing. The first child to move is out, repeat until you have a winner.

Obstacle Race – This can either be played in teams or individually. Place as many obstacles in a line so the players have to complete each lap or circuit in a set amount of time or the fastest time is the winner. If you are wanting to play this game with the Climbing Frame you could use run a lap around the climbing frame, up the rockwall ladder, down the slide on your bottom, one swing on the belt swing, hang on the trapeze and then skip around the frame to finish.

Draw a cat – This can be played using the vinyl chalk board on the climbing frame. The blindfolded players must draw a cat. At first they have to draw the body, then stop and pause, then draw the nose, then stop and pause and draw the eyes etc. It’s funny to see what you end up with. Make sure that the child that is blindfolded is supervised at all times whilst on the climbing frame.

What’s the time Mr Wolf? – The child who is Mr. Wolf stand at the side of the Climbing frame where the slide ends, facing away from it. The other children take it in turn to climb up the rock wall ladder and down the slide to creep up on Mr Wolf shouting “what the time Mr Wolf?” Mr Wolf shouts back 2 o’clock, 6 o’clock etc but when he shouts “dinner time” all the children run. The one that is caught then becomes the wolf.

To view our range of climbing frames for smaller gardens please click here, or you can view our complete climbing frame range by clicking here.

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