A Playhouse Is So Much More Than Just A Toy…

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A playhouse is not just a toy, it’s somewhere children can go and just play in their own little world. It’s a peaceful environment that they can retreat to and let their imagination run wild.


Playing outside is a fantastic way to provide exercise without even realizing… Something which most video games can’t do. Our playhouses provide a fun safe area where the children can go and amuse themselves which will allow you a few extra moments to yourself to get the jobs done inside without being distracted.

Weather change means your kids can’t play outside, right? Wrong! You may feel that if your child is exposed to dirt, pests and bacteria it will do more harm than good but in actual fact it is the complete opposite. Letting your child be exposed to the outside world coming into contact with everything that may send a modern day parent running on a regular basis means they are less likely to develop allergies and autoimmune disorders.

Imagination is such an important part in a child’s learning journey our playhouses offer an environment in which they can just be free to explore all aspects including the different features that are provided.
These features include; Flower boxes (with pre-drilled drain holes), Wooden Stools, Play Stove with Sink and much more. 


You will be given ‘INSTALLATION AND OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS’ this allows the assembly to run smoothly and have your bundle of fun up and running in no time!
We recommend that the assembly is a done by 2 people! Within the instruction booklet you will find safety guidelines, all illustrations to show how the parts are assembled also including actual size illustrations of the hardware and a step by step guide.

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