Smaller Garden?? We Have A Climbing Frame For That

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If you have a small garden but still want the kids to have a Climbing Frame, the Climbing Frame team are offering numerous sets which would suit you not only for size but for play value and best of all best for your pocket. If you require more small garden options try for your small garden climbing frames.

By jumping online and looking in the Climbing Frames tab, you can see the wide range of frames available and suitable for a smaller space.

Meadowvale II

The most popular by far would be the Meadowvale II.  With a 4ft deck height, 2 belt swings and trapeze bar, this really is an amazing starter frame for your family.  There is a 2.2m high railed speedy slide for them to scoot down on and a combination rock wall/stepladder and rock wall and rope ladder to climb straight back up with.  There is also a play area beneath the fort which can be used for either sand or ball play.  Currently, at an amazing price, it is a perfect climbing frame to entertain the kids.

Oriana Fort

There is also the magnificent Oriana Fort if you were looking purely for a cubby house and slide.  This fort deck sits at 4ft high from the ground, with a combination rock wall/stepladder to get up and a 2.2 high railed speedy slide to come down on.  The fort is enclosed apart from a lookout area and there is also a funky vinyl chalkboard inside to keep them entertained.  As with most of the frames available, there is a play area beneath the fort suitable for sand or ball play.

There are lots of variation on the Oriana frame which can be seen on the Climbing Frames page including adds such as swings, monkey bars, gliders etc.

Take a look at the wide range of frames available which suit a smaller space without restricting play value.

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