Springfree Trampolines Review

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Climbing Frames UK have a great range of trampolines in our trampoline shop. We take pride in knowing our products, and how they line up with our competition. One of our key jobs is comparing our products to that of new products to the market and leading competitive products. We hope that our research and knowledge can help give customers a balanced perspective. You’ll see from the reviews below that often the selling points given by some can also be negative points when tested independently by other people.

The first review video is from Springfree, who have a unique trampoline design that moves away from the norm of a metal from with metal springs. This item has been very popular due to the attractive design and advantages of some of the features sold by the re-sellers.

As you’ll see from the following video, the unique design also gives some unique negative points also. The Springfree SF90 was tested and revied by www.trampolinesafety.com in the following video.

We hope you find these videos interesting and informative. Our staff discovered these images on youtube when completing a product analysis. More information and resellers can be found by doing a google search for “springfree trampolines”. Above all we recommend that whether you choose a Spring Free Trampoline, Jumpking Trampoline or Alley Oop Trampoline that you respect the fact you must use any trampoline with care and respect or serious injuries could occur.
Climbing Frames UK have a large stock of low mid and high range trampolines to chose from. You can view our current range at www.climbingframesuk.com/trampolines/

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