Make a statement with our tube slide!

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If your want an accessory that will truly make your climbing frame stand out, then look no further that our tube slide! Or choose any slide here

Not only does the tube slide look fantastic, it will keep you child occupied for hours and comes on a variety of our frames! 

Why go for a tube slide?

Comes with a one year warranty

Look amazing

An enclosed slide appeals more to adventurous children!

An added twist provides an extra thrill

It is made from durable, UV protected HPDE to ensure its strength.

One of our faster slides!

Where is our tube slide featured?

Choose to purchase the slide separately?!



The Grandview climbing frame


The Gradview comes with a 4 ft high deck and two swings. A trapeze bar and rock wall are perfect for keen climbers and an upper and lower play house!

The Goldenridge


Not only does the Goldenridge come with two swings and a two child glider – which means that you can have four children swinging at once!  The features and attention to detail of this climbing frame are adorable! the climbing frame has a stone wall render effect, a miniature door, window frames and flower pots!

The Althorp Climbing frame


The Althorp has a 5 ft deck height, a large rock wall for the adventurous climbers, a cafe area with seating area and a porch as well as monkey bars, two swings and a trapeze bar. The Althorp is generally large, it is the perfect frame for children who are older and love to climb!

The Bayfield retreat


This climbing frame is extremely versatile and is perfect for older children who need more accessories to keep them occupied! The two swings and the glider mean that you can have four children swinging at once! This climbing frame comes with two slides, one of which is our fantastic tube slide, the other being a straight slide is perfect for smaller children who may like to work up their courage before attempting the tube slide! The fort itself is beautiful with alot of attention to detail, the lower deck has a cafe area with a cute miniature wooden bench and a lookout area with a telescope!

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