Are You Struggling to – Spot The Difference ?

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We have many Selwood climbing frames and many different series! Are You Struggling to – Spot The Difference?

The most common questions we get are:

What is the difference between the Osborn and the Belton?

The only difference between the Osborn and the Belton is the Two Child Selwood Glider. Both of these frames are part of our Olympia Series. They both have a wooden roof, lower Playhouse area and two swings, a trapze bar and the monkey bars across the top!

These frames are ideal for those who want everything but don’t have a long enough garden to fit it all in.

Another common question we get is:

What’s the difference between the Sandpoint and the Sandpoint Deluxe? (or the Audley)

The Sandpoint and the Deluxe version are the same climbing frame! The Deluxe just has a extra ‘Deluxe Lower Playhouse’ add on.

The Sandpoint is part of our Infinity Series is a superb climbing frame which will simply blow the kids away. The play deck is 1.5m from the ground. It is full of great details like the flower box and café area.

I can see no difference between the Branbury and the Belton?

branburyThe Branbury is a Brand New frame this year! It has exactly the same features as the Belton Climbing Frame other than it is on a 5ft deck height! (The Belton is a 4ft deck height) The NEW Branbury frame comes with the 10ft double strength wavy slide meaning it is slightly higher and longer than the 4ft decks.

These 5ft frames also allow extra headroom under the deck for older children.

The Meadowside and Meadowvale look the same to me?

meadowside-climbing-frame2_05-03-2014-5-18-9Yes, the frames are very similar! However, the NEW Meadowside has the Monkey bar swing beam whereas the Meadowvale has just swings. Both of them come with two swings and a trapeze bar but the Meadowside also has the monkey bars across the top!

Another difference is the rope ladder at the back of the Meadowvale. The Meadowside doesn’t have this, instead it has a Chalk wall/board at the back of the frame.
Although the frames look similar they do have slightly different features!

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