What to do this Summer Holidays!?

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After your children have had a whole school year of hard work, you may be wondering what you can do with them during the summer holidays?

Keeping children amused for six weeks or more, both at home and out, can be difficult to organised! It can also be exhausting and expensive. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here are some great ideas we have come up with on how to have fun with your children in the Summer Holidays:

  1. Go For walks! With your dog if you have one? This can be a walk in the village, the woods or to the park!
  2. Visit the beach! Swim in the sea, take a picnic and play some beach games.
  3. Spend a day on the climbing frame designed by Selwood See who can swing the highest, who can draw the best picture on the Chalk board and who can hang on the Trapeze bar.
  4. If you do not have a Climbing Frame then Buy one! Click HERE to view our range! Your children could even enjoy helping you to build the frame.
  5. Go Swimming! Children love to swim. Especially if they have rides. Some swimming centers even have flumes.
  6. Make a daisy chain. The children could make their grand parents a daisy chain necklace or bracelet.
  7. Play mini golf. This is very fun for children. In many mini golf activities the children will go inside and out, and up and over different activities.
  8. Visit the Zoo! See what weird a funny animals you can find.
  9. Invite friends over and have a movie night.
  10. Go on a Bike Ride. With family or friends.
  11. Go Camping!
  12. See what amazing things you can find in a museum
  13. Visit the local races
  14. Go bowling – see how many strikes you can get! You cannot use the bumpers!
  15. Go on the scariest ride at the best theme park!

There are SO MANY things you can do in the Summer Holidays! We would love to hear what you like doing best!

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