Supermarket Sabotage

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As parents will know, the daily struggle of getting children to eat healthily can be hard – Hiding vegetables in their dinner, wrestling sweets out of their hands and keeping their lunchboxes healthy. But for those who have to drag little ones round the supermarket on a weekly basis there is an even bigger challenge. You have shown them the delights of the fruit and vegetable aisle steer them away from the crisps and managed to prise them away from the most sugary cereals. You think you’re home and dry when you reach the checkout but that is rarely the case. There, stacked up on shelves in abundance, are sweets and chocolate bars calling out your little ones’ names.

Childrens Food Campaign

The ‘Children’s Food Campaign’ has blasted supermarkets for not removing or at least reducing snacks near tills as they promised to do years ago. Authors of the ‘Checkouts Checked Out’ report claim that unhealthy, calorie-laden goodies are put directly at children’s eye level so that they can pester parents into buying them the naughty treats. This could be adding hundreds of calories to your shopping trolley each week not to mention increasing your shopping bill.

Sweet Checkouts

What do you think about supermarkets putting snacks at checkouts? Do you think it is their responsibility as retailers or your responsibility as parents to say no? A Department of Health spokeswoman said: “As a nation we all need to eat less, but simply tying companies up with endless regulations doesn’t work. We need to equip everyone with the tools to make healthier decisions. Through Change4Life we are encouraging everyone to be more active and look at swapping to healthier options.”

We would love to hear your thoughts on this subject? Is your family participating in the Change4Life scheme? How do you convince your children to swap sweets for fruit and veg?

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