Are you surviving the summer holidays?

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Halfway through the holidays has got to be the hardest time. The initial excitement and enthusiasm has waned, and school still seems a long way off! Trips to the park with a picnic seem more of a chore than a treat, and even the thought of yet another bike ride is exhausting. How many parents hear the daily cry of  “I’m bored…”

Here at Selwood we have done a bit of research, and have come up with some ideas to help you out…

How about a scavenger hunt?  This can be tailored to your surroundings – countryside, forest, city, beach, zoo etc. You could even print off a free template online to make it completely effortless. If there is a group of children, how about adding points for different items checked off and a prize to the winner?

boy and girl baking

Baking. It doesn’t have to be worthy of the Great British Bake Off, some simple crispy cakes, or cookies, or even some ice lollies would be a great activity whatever the weather. Fruit kebabs are also popular with small children. If you really can’t bear to bake, a packet of biscuits and some icing makes for some messy, but tasty fun.



Grow something. Anything from simple beans or cress, to strawberries or tomatoes, kids love watching the progress, and may even be tempted to try a new fruit or vegetable! Or cheat and go to a Pick Your Own farm.


If you are stuck at home on a hot day, how about a good, old fashioned water fight in the garden? Water balloons, water pistols and hosepipes are all allowed!

Sandpits are very popular, not only can you build sandcastles, but roads, rivers, fairy towns, toy seasides, and sand pies.

Children sit in cardboard boxes. Unpacking boxes and moving into a new home. Housewarming concept. And when all else fails, give them a pile of cardboard boxes, sit back and enjoy the chaos.

We’d love to see how you’ve been spending the summer. Bonus points for those involving their climbing frame 😉

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