Sensible Swaps For Summer Time Foods!

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Summer time is the season of holidays, ice creams, barbecues and of course the sun! Because of this however, summer can often be bad for our wallets and bad for our figures! Here are a few convenient summer time treat swaps so ensure that you and your family stay healthy, save money and still have your yummy treats this summer!

Ice cream, which is laced with refined sugars and fats contributing to whopping calorie counts. Depending on the flavours involved nutritional value may be low as well.

Trade it for

Sorbet, home-made ice lollies & frozen yoghurt! This means you control the levels of sugar and using natural fruits means you will get sweetness from them, but the sugar content will be lower.

Fast food restaurants, now they have to see the nutritional values on menus they are making an effort. However, these meals are still calorific and encourage burgers, fries and healthy options are still to limited.

Trade it for

A pack up! Control healthy of meals and saving lots of money, and you wont get charged for extra sauce if you want it.

These don’t have to be  old school dinner style pack up’s, make it fun and healthy with strawberries, sushi, homemade quiche etc


Trade it for

Oven baked sweet potato wedges

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