Ultimate Swing and Slide Set

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Our climbing frames are essentially a swing and slide set with added features and so much fun keeping children entertained, but if you really love sliding and using swings with lots of children wanting to play at the same time what would be your ultimate set-up.

Selwood gives many options, two sets do stand out because they double up on slides this means you’re occupying two kids simultaneously. They could even race side by side or choose between a tube or straight slide. These are the Duke and Skyline Climbing Frames. Both sets offer a wide range of options to cater for multiple children. This helps keep your children entertained for longer getting actively playing together with friends.

Double Straight Slide and Swing Set

The Duke Climbing Frame an excellent garden play set full of features to keep your kids entertained for hours. Rather than having an extra big climbing frame accommodating swings and monkey bars this clever combo beam has them both. We all know how much monkey bars are loved so transform your garden into the best “park” in town. It has TWO SLIDES perfect for racing to the bottom.

Fort Features

The spacious fort features a 120cm x 91cm play deck, 120cm above ground covered by a gorgeous wooden roof which adds character. The play deck’s internal height is roughly 163cm with plenty of room for four children.  The lower playhouse is entirely enclosed with a door frame to the rear, two small side windows and a lovely serving counter at the front with two café stools. Meaning your kids can turn their fort into a shop.


Swing Features

The combination monkey bar swing beam is constructed from a number of strong wooden beams joined by a metal bracket that creates a secure structure supporting three swing accessories. These accessories include two height adjustable belt swings and trapeze bar. The belt swings are manufactured from a flexible plastic that allows the seat to perfectly mould around the child, providing a tight, secure, but most importantly comfortable seating position for hours. The trapeze bar is perfect for hanging and swinging pulling tricks in mid-air. The monkey bars are a great addition to any climbing frame offering the perfect excuse for kids to monkey around building their core muscle strength and improving their motor skills, simply un-clip the swings to use the monkey bars.

Two Slides Features

The slides are manufactured out of a high grade, durable, UV protected HPDE material to ensure strength and safety whilst providing a speedy and exciting descent. With double reinforcement on the slides’s back to ensure it can withstand kids who run back up the slide (because we all know how fun it is to run back up the slide) rather than using the steps. The slides have been designed with safety in mind measuring at 220cm in length with high raised edges so your children remain on course throughout the duration of their slide. The slide foot has a shallower gradient to provide a safe exit speed and angle. With this set, you get two for double the fun.

Swing and Slide Variation

The Skyline Climbing Frame a brand new set designed to for maximum variation, this keeps kids entertained for longer. Suitable for younger and older kids; they’re all sure to love. It features our popular tube slide AND a straight slide, also including a partially enclosed wooden playhouse at the bottom. With swings, a slide, monkey bars, chalk wall, café area and a climbing wall it’s the perfect addition to your garden. skyline-climbing-frame_01-06-2015-2-52-56

Fort Features

The fort features a huge 172cm x 97cm play deck which is 150cm from the ground. The play deck has an internal height about roughly 160cm with plenty of room for up to 12 children to be playing. Covering the play deck is a stylish wooden roof which giving plenty of shade and adds loads of character to this frame. The play fort includes a chalk wall which can spin around so you can use it from inside and out, a café area at the bottom for serving lunch or a quick break from all the running around. A crow’s nest let kids look down from up high over the garden and use the telescope to survey their surroundings. The crow’s nest is 100cm x 70cm plenty of room for keeping an eye on everyone below and around.

Swing Features

The swing beam. constructed from strong wooden beams joined by a metal bracket, a secure structure supporting three swing accessories. The accessories include a pair of belt swings and a two child glider. The belt swings, manufactured from plastic allowing the seat to perfectly mould around the child, a secure, but most importantly comfortable seating position. The glider perfect for two kids to share and swing together, it can easily be used by one.

Slide Features

Manufactured out of a high grade, durable, UV protected HPDE. With double reinforcement on the back of the slide to ensure it can withstand kids who run back up the slide (because we all know how fun it is to run back up the slide). Tube slides give a completely different feel to, having a closed feeling like going down through a little cave exciting at the bottom, with a flattened bottom which means a controlled exit.



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