Swing sets are for everyone!

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Your kids are begging you for a swing but you don’t want a massive climbing frame taking up all of the garden space? Why not consider our wooden swing sets from or look at Selwood Products?

We have several different swing sets for every garden size.

The Eva, Alina or Anya swing sets are perfect for smaller garden without reducing the fun factor for your children. The Eva has a single swing, the Alina has single swing and a ladder and the Anya features two single swings.

If you have a little bit more space, our medium range offers many play possibilities: Take for example our Hanna swing set with its two swings and a rope ladder or the Nina swing set with two single swings and a double swing. In the same kind of space, 320cm x 281cm, you could also fit either the Nikola with its single swing, double swing and ladder or even the Mika that has the same assets plus a climbing rope!

For the lucky ones with large gardens, here are the Helga, Julia and Tatiana swing sets! With two single swings each plus a mix of rope ladder, glider or climbing rope depending on the one you choose, they offer lots of fun yet blend into the garden and look timeless.

Small, medium or large, all our Selwood swing sets are made of pressure-treated treated pine wood and are guaranteed against rot for 10 years. They are very easy to assemble – you’ll receive a fully illustrated instruction manual to make the job as easy as possible!

The exclusive pressure treated wooden swing set range from Selwood Products is cheaper than ever in 2012 so don’t miss out!

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