Wooden Swing sets Comparison – Selwood, Plum, TP, Little Tikes & Soulet

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Looking for a swing or wooden swing sets?
Don’t buy a swing set until you have read our wooden swing sets comparison review featuring the following swing set manufacturers:

– Plum Products Swingsets

– TP Swingsets

– Little Tikes Swingsets

– Soulet Swingsets

Selwood Products Swingsets

As part of our policy for customer satisfaction, product knowledge and continuous product improvement we regularly purchase competitors products and test them directly against each other.

We purchased a swing set range from a number of manufacturers including Selwood Products, TP, Soulet, Little Tikes and Plum. All these items are sold at similar prices across the internet, mostly by large national companies such as Toys R Us and Argos who have a range of swing sets each, or smaller independent online retailers. In pictures the sets look the same, they all feature swings with plastic swing seats, many have a duo seat glider swing and some have ropes.

What were our swing set review findings?
Although there are a selection of differences we will go on to discuss, this review concentrates on the first amazing difference between all these items. The 20%+ difference in swing uprights (or legs)! This is a huge difference given all manufacturers use 100mm dimension swing beams on their wooden swing sets, the majority chose to have a very ‘top heavy’ look by using only 80mm lumber for the legs. The one exception to the rule is Selwood Products, who for many years have been seen as the quality manufacturer but more recently have also managed to be the most competitive on price. No mean feat to be able to beat competitors on both specification and price Selwood Products really are a force to be reckoned with in the outdoor toy market.
Selwood Swing set Dimension Comparison
As you can see from the above image, the difference between the beams is so obvious when positioned side by side. If your looking for the strongest, safest swing set available for your children then there really is only one choice – with Selwood Products Wooden Swing sets quality really does come as standard!

The full Selwood Products Swingset range is available to view at https://www.selwood.com/swing-sets/

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