How to: Teach your child to count

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Counting is a useful skill; and to play shop its essential to add up multiply and subtract – climbing frames can play there part.

  • Mathematics is based on counting. Counting lets you know how much of something you have. Before your child starts school you can begin to teach them numbers and how to count in order. Here are some great ways to get started with this!
  • One way to teach counting to children is with fingers and toes.
  • We have ten fingers and ten toes. What a perfect way to count the basic numbers! Start with the left hand thumb and count all the way over to the right hand thumb.
  • Wiggle each of your child’s fingers as you call out a number

Take a Five Minute Break

  • Snacks can teach counting. As you hand your child their snack, don’t just give them the package. Count the pieces of fruit or vegetables on a tray. Take your child’s hand and show them how to count back to you.
  • Using stickers to count. With your help your child can stick the correct amount of sticks on a board next to the correct number or on the correct areas.
  • Counting the stairs. Each time the child climbs a step count the number out loud.
  • Playing board games. i.e. playing snakes and ladders and counting how many numbers are on the dice. Or by playing Domino’s, the child can count how many dots are on the domino.
  • Another great way for practicing and learning numbers is to draw the numbers out into dotted lines for the child to draw over and learn. This can be done our our climbing Frame Chalkboard.


To engage your child, by counting aloud as you or your child completes certain activities. For example, see who can put away more toys in 10 or 20 seconds, counting aloud together as you clean. Or, count how many steps it takes you to get from one room to another. The more your child hears the numbers being recited in the correct order, the more quickly he/she will learn the order for themselves.

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