The Benefits of Monkey Bars

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We all remember monkey bars from our childhood don’t we? They were the perfect opportunity to show off just how brave we were. Swinging from bar to bar and finally reaching the end felt like such a huge achievement.

When selwood design and manufacture our climbing frames we pay special attention to the features we include. It is important to us that children get as much enjoyment out of their swing set as possible, so the more exciting and varied the features the better. Buying a climbing frame with monkey bars is a fabulous way to increase the longevity of the swing set. Whilst the younger children may be content on the swings and slide, not yet ready to attempt the monkey bars, older children will love the sense of adventure they bring. Also if your children are still quite young the addition of the monkey bars means the climbing frame will continue to offer new challenges for years to come.


It is great to offer children a variety of challenges. By taking on a challenge and completing it they are learning how great it is to achieve something and this will hopefully spur them on to keep challenging themselves and keep aspiring to reach certain goals. Swinging above the ground can seem a little daunting at first but it is always great to encourage children to come out of their comfort zone and try new things.

It goes without saying that monkey bars add that little extra excitement to a climbing frame, however, as well as being great fun they also have huge health and learning benefits. Getting to grips with monkey bars teaches and improves co-ordination as well as strength.

Monkey bars create the real sense of an adventure playground in your own back garden. Perfect for keeping little monkeys occupied and enjoying themselves for hours.


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